DateFyx Guide for 25 Aug - 27 Aug 2017

Happy Friday! 

We truly believe that the best part about memories is making them...

Don't wait for the year end, that over-due vacation, the kids to grow up or retirement! Find small pockets of time to connect, indulge, unwind. Here are our recommendations to help you plan this weekend. 


Flying Monkey at Bussorah Street

The Arab Street - Haji Lane - Bussorah Street makes our favorite Date Night itinerary for days when we hit the town with no plan in mind. The weekend welcomes you so wonderfully here with live music, quaint little stores and so much activity. Looking to complete the experience with some indulgence? We recommend Flying Monkey, the quirky Indian restaurant with so much character to it.  

Get a seat outdoors to experience the live music and the happy vibe of the street. Great location, great ambiance, but the highlight has to be the food. It has the most authentic and flavorful Indian food, presented with contemporary aesthetics. We loved the fact that the menu is nice and short and would cover everyone's likes. They have vegetarian options and the drinks menu looks absolutely inviting. A must try!