Romantic Fun Places in Singapore | Stylized Picnics in Singapore

Our couple of the month, Joyce & Donovan, enjoyed our beautiful stylized picnic as the winners of our Facebook and Instagram contest for the 'stylized picnic and photo shoot' date night giveaway. The location chosen was one of the most romantic fun places in Singapore.

Book your own stylized picnic here for your next date night. And add a couple photography session to it for magical memories! 

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The couple were Facebook friends for 3 years before they even met. They finally met, sparks flew and they started dating in 2014.  They decided on getting hitched and are really looking forward to their wedding in June 2018.

They love exploring lots of romantic fun places in Singapore with their little dog and you will see their Instagram feed updated every weekend with their adventures. They hoped to win this giveaway so they could use the stylized picnic pictures as their pre-wedding photoshoot.

They are a photographer's delight and we had so much fun setting up the picnic for them. Here are some pictures of their fun and sparkly picnic photoshoot. We also asked them a few questions to know them better.

"It was a very special experience for us. Both of us enjoyed the evening very much. The picnic setup was just so romantic and the food was delicious too. It was amazing with very detailed execution. We will definitely recommend this to our friends, who are planning proposals or celebrating anniversaries."  - Joyce & Donovan


1. Any non-work thing that you are most excited about right now?

We are really excited about our upcoming wedding day!

2. The coolest thing that you have done together?

The coolest thing we have done together was to bring our dog for a holiday earlier this year for an Europe trip. It's just so much fun travelling together. Just the 3 of us enjoying each other's company.

3. Three things at the top of your bucket list?

To fly in a hot-air balloon in Cappadocia, have our own home and to open a café.

4. Top three romantic fun places in Singapore from any city that you have visited before?

Catch the sunset at Macritchie reservoir in Singapore, go for Duck & Waffle Restaurant in London, stay in the glass igloo in Finland and watch northern lights.

5. A TV show/series you both love to watch?

The Walking Dead is our new favourite!

6. What does Date Night at home look like?

Donovan will cook for me while i will bake for him and we will watch a movie together while having our meal.

7. Which celebrity couple do you look up to and would love to go on a double date with?

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan.

8. The best relationship advice you've been given or you would like to give?

A strong relationship is one where both partners will find a solution to a problem together, even if one does not agree with the problem.

9. Lastly, what would you like to do for your next special occasion?

We would love a night safari experience together.

Thank you Joyce & Donovan for letting us in on your 'couple time'. All the best for your wedding! 

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