A Surprise Celebration! And You Would Have Never Guessed that it was Planned in a Few Hours...

"It was my husband's birthday and I was scratching my head till the last minute to plan a surprise for him. That's when a friend suggested that I should talk to Meenakshi and use DateFyx.
I wasn't sure how successful it would be since I contacted them like a day before his birthday!!! But to my surprise they came up with instant solutions and made the day a super success.
We went for a day trip to the Lazarus Island on our private yacht. From organising the trip to arranging for a scrumptious meal, Meenakshi took care of every single detail!
We had an amazing day spending time away from the chaos of the city on a pristine beach, exploring the island and kayaking. The service was just great.
Also my husband is a vegan and me a carnivore. Meenakshi took really good care that the food delivered was catering to all our requirements. It was really a delight to have something so well organised without having to worry about it.
I'm sure I'm going to use their services again since it's convenient, economical and amazing!
Thanks Meenakshi & DateFyx!"