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DateFyx invited Peter & Amber for our private yacht charter experience, which is perfect for couples looking for fun activities and a break from the usual for their date night.

Our featured couple are avid travelers and proud parents of their beautiful twin daughters - Leia and Lauren, who are Instagram celebrities themselves. Amber & Peter lay out some serious relationship goals for all the couples out there.

They engage each other in their own little projects of documenting their travels and the days spent with their beautiful twins. We are extremely proud of our yacht charter experience for couples. You sail away from Sentosa for about 20 minutes, anchor near the Lazarus Island. You could swim, kayak, snorkel, fish or just watch the sun go down. You could also explore the tropical island on foot.

The crew puts together the most delectable BBQ spread for your indulgence, after your water activities around the Lazarus Island. You do feel a little spoilt by the end of the 4-hour cruise and wish it wouldn't end.

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You could book your own private yacht charter experience here for a celebrity style date night! Enquire for overnight trips as well.

"Our evening at the yacht was fantastic. Was really relaxing. Good food, good ambiance, good aircon, good experience, just fantastic! The experience of both, sea and land was very special and having a nice meal on board just added to it. Not to forget the absolutely amazing kayaking experience.

DateFyx is a great concept for parents who need a break and don't have time to plan something. And for husbands who tend to forget anniversaries, and need help last minute to plan something special for their date together. Also not everyone is gifted to do this kind of detailed planning. Takes the stress element away when everything is planned so nicely. The couple just have to show up and enjoy the evening.   

We'd definitely like to experience other DateFyx themes as well. A picnic in the garden is in our cards for the next time we have a special occasion. Thank you DateFyx!"  - Amber & Peter

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You arrive at the Marina and are led to the yacht by the friendly crew. They give a quick tour of the yacht and safety instructions for your trip. The yacht also has three rooms with beds where you could stay overnight for an even more elaborate date night. A 20-minute ride takes you to the tropical Lazarus Island. 

The yacht can anchor there itself or at the lagoon, which is a quieter, more secluded place. Here you could swim, kayak, snorkel or even fish. All equipment is provided. Our guests, Peter and Amber, decide to kayak for a bit. They really enjoyed kayaking into the sunset along the calm waters of the lagoon. The yacht then anchored closer to the Lazarus Island where there were lots of other yachts anchored as well. There were mostly large groups of family or friends. The couple just walked along the jetty enjoying their time together while our photographer was clicking away. 

All this while, the crew was busy preparing the BBQ meal for them and laying it all out. The couple came back to the yacht a little hungry and just in time for the candlelight dinner on board. 

How perfect is this vacation squuezed into just 4 hours! Also great for celebrating special occasions like Valentine's, birthdays or anniversaries. What's even better? You can gift this as a voucher to your favorite couple using DateFyx vouchers.

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Photography by ShawnMX. All images are copyright DateFyx.