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Thinking of a romantic date night in Singapore? We all agree that a frequent date night is essential – not only to rekindle our love, but also to stay connected to your partner. Try to shake things up a bit?

We have carefully listed some tips for a successful date night in Singapore.

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1. Watch A Romantic Movie

Spice-up your relationship with something less conventional, like choosing an outdoor movie night or dine-and-watch rather than a normal cinema. Take along a picnic mat, picnic basket, find yourself a nice spot and snuggle up for romantic movie date with a difference.

2. Hire a private chef

In the age of wonderful domestic help, this could seem like a misnomer, however you can book a private chef who will arrange an intimate feast that will stir a romantic atmosphere and seal the deal on a special date night. 

3. Dine in the dark – Date Night in Singapore

Skip the normal family dining for just tonight. Elevate your senses with a romantic dinner at night time. You can visit places such as Nox-Dine in The Dark. Enjoy top-notch food and a fantastic date night setting.

4. Take a Quizzical

Quiz nights may not seem romantic on the surface, but it factors high when it comes to fun. And having a great time together IS amazing.

 5. Enjoy Live Music and Dance to the Rhyme

Live music is great. You may feel a little tired to get out after dark, when all you want to do is cuddle on the sofa. But watching live music with your spouse happens to be a better way to relax. So next time you wish to retreat with your iPad and watch Netflix, find a concert instead. And Singapore’s Timbre and Blu Jaz Cafe always has some great live music to tune into.

6. Have a good laugh Together– Singapore Comedy Night

The demands of maintaining a family can occasionally turn domestic bliss into a war zone, and laughter holds the power to transform a bad day into a good laugh. Take a look at some of Singapore’s best local and international stand-up comedy acts. Check out the open-mic night at Comedy Masala every Tuesday night at 8pm. Also check out other comedy clubs.  

7. Start up a sport together

This is any activity that involves two people working collectively, such as sailing, kayaking, or rock climbing. This can bring out the best in both partners (and even the worst if both partners are too competitive!). There are many Olympic sports found in Singapore, so choose one that you love.

8. Sail off into the sunset

It’s a romantic cliché, but it still works, have you ever cruised around our amazing city before? May be rent a yacht from one of the yachting companies for a day or even overnight. If the price tag is above your budget, buy tickets for the Sunset Sail, with a dinner cruise, live music and some other couples onboard.

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9. Date Night in Singapore in a Five Spa Experience

This amazing spa experience is by Ikeda Spa a Japanese Inspired Spa. It gives you the opportunity to control and customize your own package, from body treatments to facials using nightingale droppings.

10. Try Star gazing

I believe every couple should try star gazing. This happens every Friday from 7:45 to 10pm. You can get free star gazing sessions at the Science Centre Singapore.

11. Spice Up Your Date Nights

Still visiting your favorite cafe. Give your partner a treat by changing your regular cafe to a place different from the usual. You can find such hidden gems in places like Little India or Geylang.

12. Enjoy Outdoor Jazz - get Jazzy Date Night

Experience the sound of outdoor jazz. Singapore boost of several Jaz Cafe such places are the Blu Jaz Cafe - Move to sound and dance the night away.

13. Staycation Lovers Night out

Thinking of something romantic but out of the box? Then Singapore has your best destination. Then a night out staycation with your partner. Enjoy the moments, ambience and exquisite treatment.

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14. Kite-Flying for Two

Say farewell to old ways of kite flying, as you let your kites fly in the breezy night sky. No sun burns.  It’s really fun when you relive your childhood days and experience tranquility. Also, treat yourself to a bedazzling view of the metropolis skyline - if you choose to fly your kites at Marina Barrage.

15. Night cycling Under the Stars

Bicycling at night is an amazing way to work those legs under starry skies with your partner. You will feel the cool breeze brush across your faces. Besides that, you will escape the blistering sun. Don’t stress, if you don’t own a bike, plenty of bike-sharing opportunities now. Just download the apps beforehand.  

16. Go Camping

When it comes to dating in Singapore, three’s certainly a crowd - hang out with your best friend another time! Don’t sulk. Outdoor camping with your spouse will be incredible if it’s planned! I’d be thrilled if my date carried me out on a little escapade outdoors, off from boring concrete buildings.

17. Stroll down the boardwalk at the Marina at Keppel Bay

Indeed you’ll be in love with the breathtaking scene. Just looking at the Marina at Keppel Bay on screen. Shower your sweetheart with an ultra-exotic date night in Singapore at this deluxe waterfront area.

18. Visit the Woodlands Waterfront

Absorb the stunning beautiful view of the coastal park and the Straits of Johor while you walk down the longest jetty in Singapore.

19. Henderson Waves

Take pleasure in a moonlit stroll across Singapore’s largest pedestrian bridge. Its distinctive design gives an unimpeded view of the southern part of Singapore while the shell-like crevices double as shelters. The bridge is lit by LED lighting from 7pm to 2am every night.

20. Experience the Bungy and GX-5 Extreme Swing

Looking for a thrill? Try the exciting rides at Clarke Quay designed to leave you on a high with your hearts pulsating. Hang on tight to your date’s arms - the reverse bungee’s velocity gets to a terrifying maximum of 200km/h!

21. Go away on Cosmic Bowling

Go glow-in-the-dark bowling! Cosmic Bowling marries bowling and discotheque lighting with thumping dance party melodies. Which is certain to get you grooving along.

22. Take a Joyride

Jump aboard your car and discover places that you haven’t been to. Just make sure your GPS is switched on.

23. Take it Outdoors

We are lucky to have so many wonderful gardens and parks right in our backyard, whichever part of Singapore you live in. Fresh air is the ideal medicine for the mind and soul. Take your date night outdoors. Come prepared with your picnic mat, something to munch on and a mozzie spray. Some of the gardens and parks are open all night and this is a great alternative date night idea.

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24. Midnight Movies

Midnight films work best for nocturnal movie buffs. You can virtually have the whole theatre to the two of you. Tip: To guarantee emptier theatres, watch films months after their release.

25. Go Prawning

Go Prawning with your date any time of the night, at some of the 24-hour prawn-fishing establishments. Also called colloquially as prawning.

26. Go on a Pub Crawl

No article on date night in Singapore will be complete without mentioning a visit to a pub. In fact, Singapore’s nightlife is well known in Asia.

27. Stuff Yourselves Silly

In case you fall under the health-conscious camp that advocates greens and everything low-calorie, it’s unwise to refuse a dinner date with your partner. What could be worse than depriving yourself nice food and good company.

28. Plan Game Night

Games are not limited to the young. Bring on Twister, Scrabble, Monopoly, Aero plane Chess, and Jenga! The choices are endless. You may want to stock up on potato chips and ice-cream as you battle it out with your lover.

29. Movie Marathon - With a Bowl of Microwaveable Popcorn

Snuggle up with each other under warm sheets whilst enjoying your favorite action or rom-com flicks. Sci-fi or horror will work too.

30. Learn to Dance

If you’re accustomed to each other and you don’t mind being teased being dreadful at conjuring some "slick" moves, it is fun to dance ridiculous and laugh at each other. In fact, we know all of us have different talents and yours may lie elsewhere outside the dance floor! YouTube "*name of song* + moves".

31. Fix a 1000-piece Jigsaw

One night is inadequate to complete the puzzle. Since no one is permitted to stop before it’s finished, psyche yourself up for a few more late night dates! This is an Ideal opportunity to get him to come over to your home.

32. Midnight Swim

With the weather very unstable these days, it’ll do everybody good to swim or even frolic in the cool waters. For individuals that live in a condominium or landed property with a personal pool, good for you and your date!

However, this can still be possible if you and your date are on a staycation at W Hotel or Marina Mandarin Singapore. The pools there are open 24-hours.

33. Embark on a Late-Night Date

Use these ideas we’ve put together to suit your needs, we hope you find them beneficial. Even if you’re hopelessly in love or just true blue nocturnal, it’s time you attempt date night in Singapore.  

It is quieter and cooler. It won’t hurt to try something different for a change.