Smoke & Mirrors: Location, Views, Ambience - Check!

Saturday evenings are usually reserved for our much needed Date Nights or 'catch-up session of the week'.  Last Saturday also happened to be our wedding anniversary, so it had to be someplace special.  We landed up at National Gallery, a Singapore icon in itself.  My husband had looked up and found this much recommended rooftop bar at National Gallery - Smoke & Mirrors.  

The experience started right at the ground floor as we just admired the large, well kept spaces within the National Gallery.  It's an experience at a completely different level as compared to arriving at any other bar or rooftop bar.  We did feel transported from the busy and chaotic Singapore F&B scene.  The walk to the Level 6 rooftop bar was through the building's terrace level garden and a reflection pool. Just as the city skyline was lighting up, the view from the terrace at this hour was amazing.  We had to stop here for a few pictures... was just so inviting!          

A short flight up from the terrace garden and we arrived at the very chic rooftop bar.  It's for a reason that the entry to Smoke & Mirrors is right at the edge of its outdoor terrace. The view is absolutely breathtaking - Singapore at its best!  A clear shot of Esplanade Theatres, Marina Bay Sands in its full glory and the Singapore flyer, perfectly lit at this hour. If you are looking to impress, this is the perfect place to pick for your next Date Night!!!  Make sure you reserve well in advance and ask for a table right at the edge of the terrace overlooking the iconic buildings.  The seating layout other than the one right at the edge isn't that great for a nice chat and a little too tight. If it's a warm Singapore day, you could also pick a table indoors.  Indoors will work well for large groups.  The bar was quite busy that evening, yet the service was good.  We had our individual drinks and a cheese platter to share.  Was just perfect to start our multi-stop date night!