Customized Date Night Plan - A Birthday Special!

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Our customized date night plan in November 2017, went off exceptionally well and we had a very satisfied (and a little high) couple at the end of the day. 

We are huge advocates of celebrating birthdays and anniversaries as ‘date nights’.  It makes your special day even more memorable while making the aging process much more enjoyable.  Our client wanted to do just that for her husband’s birthday.  As she is the one always planning all date nights and events in the family, she took this as an opportunity to sit back and let someone else plan a bespoke date night.  Her brief was to keep it ‘fun and exciting’ and hence, decided to just surprise the husband as the evening unveils itself. 

The couple are date night regulars, so we had to come up with something more creative than the classic ‘movie + dinner’ date night.  Both enjoy good food and drinks, and love to travel as well.  So, we needed some hidden gem within Singapore, with a dining concept that they will appreciate.  We came up with three options, with our fingers crossed, and were so glad that the client loved all three options, and decided that she will use all options but at different times.  For this specific date night, she picked attending the ‘Whisky Live’ event that was being hosted at Capella, Sentosa just that weekend, followed by dinner at The Garden Restaurant at Sofitel, Sentosa.  We went ahead and bought the tickets for the event and made reservations at the restaurant and even recommended a post dinner activity for the couple.  There was a last-minute hiccup with their live-in helper, and we also happened to arrange for babysitting service for their wonderful and unbelievably independent 4-year old. 

The couple absolutely loved the Whisky Live event and later took a leisurely 20-minute stroll to The Garden Restaurant, that is an extension of the So SPA wellness complex at The Sofitel, Sentosa.  The restaurant is touted as one of the most romantic restaurants in Singapore, housed in a charming colonial-era building with a beautiful garden and a man-made waterfall.  What was even more inviting was the dining concept of serving minimally processed and calorie-conscious food, with their signature dish as ‘Salad Construction’.  The restaurant and the service did live up to the hype created by the online reviews and menu.  Personally, I really appreciated that the restaurant manager was on top of things and very attentive while making the reservation, as she did warn beforehand that the outdoor seating may get noisy with a pre-scheduled movie screening.  They even served a complimentary dessert for the special occasion.  All-in-all, it was one memorable date night for the couple.          

At our end, we are super excited and proud when the client takes a few minutes off from focusing on their spouse and drops in a quick message thanking us and sending in their date night picture.  That’s serves as our motivational-fix of the week.  :-)


"I am likely to use Datefyx again if I find myself having a creative block planning a special occasion or if due to work/ family commitments I have been unable to research options on time. It was a very pleasant experience to read the beautifully described descriptions of our date options and it instantly made me feel that Meenakshi paid very close attention to our interests.
The Whisky Live event was so much fun!!! Would have never heard about this, had it not been for Datefyx!  Also, we had a last minute unexpected situation with our helper, and Meenakshi was supportive and proactive in helping us figure out a back-up plan for the care of our daughter while we enjoyed our datefyx :) Thank you !"

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