Few years down the marriage, what couples need most is to keep up their sense of humor in all situations and to spend quality time with each other.  When we have the pressures of two jobs, household, kids, social life, extended family – the whole package that we sign up for when we get married; we tend to take each other for granted.  Date nights give you an opportunity to reconnect, free from the entourage that comes with being a married couple.    The more you share with each other, the more there is to share about.  The less you share, you really have to think hard what to talk about.  Usually, married couples end up discussing only domestic matters and shouting out orders – who’s picking up the kids, who’s doing groceries, planning family outings and endless chores.

From my personal experience, we redeemed our marriage just by taking out more time to be with each other.  You don’t need to bridge all gaps and solve all problems and agree on all things, big and small, but simply reconnect!  Being together and sharing a camaraderie becomes more important than the smaller issues and we will tend to overlook a lot of disagreements, if we connect at a very basic level.  “When you are happy, you can forgive a great deal”, Princess Diana. 

Recently, I learnt of a lot of friends/family members going through marriage trouble or just agreeing on being a passive couple sharing parenting responsibilities.  At dateFyx, we want to take this opportunity to not just help them, but help many other such couples to rehabilitate their marriage.  The idea sprung up when I suggested to my colleague and good friend to go on similar date nights to reconnect with her husband, and realized that she had no idea of how to plan an evening just with her husband.  The couple was so pre-occupied all these years being good children, good parents, good friends, good employees, and good colleagues, that they hardly spent time with their partner of 15 years.  And, actually felt uncomfortable spending a whole evening just with each other.  That’s when I realized that they probably needed external help to plan an evening for them.  It may take a while to find the comfort zone all over again, but will warm up to it very quickly.  After all, they shared a big part of their life together.  My suggestion is to make these date nights a priority and be consistent.  It actually feels good to hit the town on a Friday or Saturday night with your partner and switch off everything else.    

In all these years of marriage, we made time for friends, colleagues, kids, extended family, social networks and so on.  And totally forget to make time for each other as a couple.  For my husband and me, the date nights quickly developed from being a torturous time stuck with each other, to fun nights that we both really look forward to and plan ahead to make the best of it! 

Regular and stress-free dates help you bond with your partner, problem-solve, and create the sort of memories you can chew on when you need a pick-me-up.   We believe that every couple is unique in their dynamics, so we help custom plan your date night with utmost care and personal attention.   

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