12 Late-Night Dates For The Outdoorsy Couple


In Singapore’s balmy weather, if you and your partner love being outdoors then there are plenty of date night experiences to enjoy under the stars. Your options don’t just focus on alfresco dining but some fab, creative ideas, however crazy you want to get!

1. STARGAZING – grab a blanket and a bottle of wine and head to your favourite grassy spot in Singapore. Relax, chat and enjoy the twinkling stars above. Changi point and West Coast park are popular places or, alternatively, head to the Omni theatre at the Science Centre for a proper exploration of the night skies. Open until 10pm each night. 

2. BAY SOUTH OUTDOOR GARDENS – breathe in the night air, stroll under the amazing canopy and explore the stunning gardens. You can enjoy light audio shows at the Supertree Grove nightly at 7.45pm and 8.45pm. Alternatively, with it being open daily from 5am – 2am, you can wander hand in hand in the iconic gardens at a quieter and cooler time in the evening. Admission is free. 

3. NIGHT WALK – if you want to escape to a more secluded walking spot, then there are lots of other options. Lust after the beautiful boats at the Marina with a wander around Keppel Bay or walk along the highest pedestrian bridge for some great views along the Henderson Wave. Alternatively, the Woodlands Waterfront provides a very romantic backdrop with the longest jetty in Singapore.

4. BIKE RIDE – fancy getting a little more active, then grab your bike and take in a night cycle along one of the city’s many routes – or create your own one that takes you to your favourite spots around town. No bike of your own? No problem, download the oBike app and grab one of their many free bikes country wide. 

5. KITE FLYING – thought this was only a daytime activity? Well, head to Marina Barrage and discover the fun of night time kite flying on its sprawling rooftop greenery. Avoiding the glare of the daytime sun and indulge in a cool childhood activity. Worried you won’t see your kite, then buy an LED night kite and give yourself a free light show too! 

6. REVERSE BUNGY – ok, not everyone’s idea of fun but thrill seekers will get the adrenaline pumping as they reach speeds of up to 200km/hr on the GMax Reverse Bungy! If your other half is a little shaken by it, it’s a great excuse for a caring kiss and cuddle afterwards! Situated in Clarke Quay, you could then enjoy a stroll and a relaxing outdoor drink to get the heart rate back to normal. 

7. PRAWNING – this is a fun way to spend time together. While away a few hours chatting, and enjoying some refreshments whilst you hook some tasty prawns. With BBQs also on hand, you can even cook your catch and compare who caught the most! There are various prawning places across Singapore including: Hai Bin Prawning and ORTO

8. SURF'S UP! – head to the Wave House at Sentosa and enjoy some sporting action with your partner. Whether a seasoned surfer dude or your first attempt at the sport, you will love this ultimate beach hangout with continuous surf! Open until 9.30pm, you have plenty of evening time to experience ‘The FlowBarrel®’ – a fully-flowing, curling and barreling sheet wave that can recreate a roaring, 10-foot wave! With good food and drinks also on offer, this is a great evening spot. 

9. KAYAKING – another fun outdoor activity is kayaking, with a professional guide and safety boat. Get back to nature and head to the Living Fisher Village at Pulau Ubin. Enjoy the sunset as you adventure kayak along the peaceful river and sea front of Pulau Ubin and Pulau Ketam. This is a truly unique experience under the stars away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

10. ENTERTAINMENT IN THE PARK– The Singapore Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning Park regularly hold concerts, movie screenings and performances under the stars. You can take your own picnic, sit back in the open air and soak up some culture. With a varied choice of shows held throughout the year, there will definitely be something that you both enjoy. There is also the opportunity to double date, if you fancy. 

11. NIGHT SAFARI – Singapore’s iconic zoo is not just a daytime activity. With fire shows, restaurants, night treks and safari tours, it is fun way to spend an evening and learn about wildlife after dark. 

12. VISIT A ROOFTOP BAR - if all you both want to do is sit back, sip a cooling cocktail and enjoy some wonderful outdoor views, then checkout one of the many rooftop bars across the city including: Smoke and Mirrors, The Screening Room, Loof Bar, 1-Altitude, Lantern Bar, Potato Head FolkSouthbridge and Kinki.

So, don’t let the sun go down on the romance if you love being outdoors. There is so much fun to be had!

This blog is contributed by Peta Delahunty. Originally from the UK, she has lived in Singapore for the past 9 years with her family. She is a self-confessed word nerd and when not writing and being a mum, loves exploring Singapore's fabulous food scene and enjoying its vibrant attractions.