11 Gifting Ideas for Milestone Anniversaries

We realized the months of November & December are full of wedding anniversaries of friends and extended family. Here’s some traditionally-themed inspiration for an anniversary gift to celebrate with your spouse or to gift your favorite couple. These come in handy, whether it’s the first anniversary or 50th. And we also have a little guide to help you pair material gifts with experiences for each of these themes. If you haven’t noticed, we are big fans of enriching, engaging, relaxing experiences. Science backs it up that experiential gifts are most satisfying in the long term and we totally believe in sharing those priceless moments with our loved ones!

Enquire for our Gift Cards for each of these experiences. Also, if you want your partner to plan instead, simply drop-a-hint right here.  

The Early Years: Mad About Each Other… Passion Prevails

1st year: PAPER
Gift suggestions: A book, photo album to last all the beautiful years ahead. Couple this with our 1-hour Couple Photography session for timeless memories.  

2nd year: COTTON
Gift suggestions: Cotton or Linen shorts/sun dress with a day well spent yachting to an island. The private yacht charter includes fishing gear, kayaks and snorkels, for an adventure-filled and memorable cotton anniversary!

3rd year: LEATHER
Gift suggestions: Matching leather jackets or accessories. Couple this with a Date Night experience that’s all about staying comfortable in your own skin. Indulge in a pampering massage, private yoga session or acroyoga. Our friendly yoga and acroyoga instructors could hold this session within the comfort of your home, their own studio or out in the beautiful gardens.

Gift suggestion: Associate each other with a special fruity or flowery fragrance on your 4th anniversary. Design a bespoke perfume in our perfume-making workshop, mixing and matching any of the 300+ scented oils. You get to carry home your signature perfume in a glass bottle with your name etched on it.

5th year: WOOD
Gift suggestions: Explore the tropical forests on a short 30-minute hike through the woods with the most spectacular view at the finishing point. Have a picnic at the finishing point with our hand-picked healthy snacks, drinks and hiking essentials, delivered to you in a backpack.  

Double Digits: Made for Each Other… Companionship

10th year: ALUMINIUM
Gift suggestion: The 10th one calls for a very special celebration. So, we are going to get a little creative here. Ditch the aluminum pots, pans, picture frames. Go for large aluminum foil balloons taking the center stage on a very romantic stylized picnic or a party with all your near and dear ones. The romantic stylized picnic is a complete stunner with the beautiful set-up in the gardens, gourmet food, drinks, great views of the Singapore skyline and ofcourse, your partner right beside you.   

15th year: CRYSTAL
Gift suggestions: Swarovski crystals never disappoint. But, if you are looking for something  experiential to etch the memories, go for a psychic reading with a crystal ball or tarot cards. Our tarot card reader helps you understand each other’s signature profile for a deeper connect and helps answer any of your questions, all in a fun way.  

20th year: CHINA
Gift suggestion: Custom-make your own china ware, with a clay workshop that walks you through Singapore’s oldest dragon kiln. Connect with each other’s creative sides while you design a pair of serving bowls or coffee mugs to make your China anniversary special.

25th year: SILVER
Gift suggestions: Silver jewelry all over the malls and specialty stores in Singapore is just beautiful. But, if you are looking for something as special as your relationship, this silver jewelry making workshop is perfect for you. Be it a ring or a pendant, you could craft it together, hone your skills and make it memorable.

We Made it… Serious Milestones!!!

50th year: GOLD
Gift suggestion: Wow! These are serious milestones. Pair a beautiful gold accessory with a sailing experience into the Golden Sunset watching the Singapore skyline light up, while you enjoy your dinner with live entertainment aboard the Royal Albatross Tall Ship.

60th year: DIAMOND
Gift suggestion: You guys made it to the diamond anniversary! Gift a sparkling diamond jewelry or accessory under the stars, in a romantic stylized picnic with hundreds of fairy lights, overlooking the dazzling Singapore skyline.

Anniversaries surely call out for celebration and make sure you keep raising the bar each time!