10 Gemstones to Say 'Be My Valentine'!

Spoil your Valentine, say “you are my gem”, but not with the regular chocolates, flowers, diamonds. Jewelry is among the most wanted Valentine’s Day gift for women for sure. How about you personalize it and leave them thinking all year long “you are cared for”. Gemstone consultant, Diya Dembla, studies gemstones not just for its sparkle and shine, but also to enhance your luck with your planets. She put together a quick guide for us to learn about colored gemstones which can not only be style statements and inheritances for your next generation, but also have positive effects on our mind and body. Well, we never need excuses for jewelry, but here are some inviting reasons to go gemstone shopping. For starters, did you know diamonds are cosmically not for everyone?

 Image Courtesy: https://www.instagram.com/katehudson/

Image Courtesy: https://www.instagram.com/katehudson/

ROSE QUARTZ - For centuries the Rose Quartz has been the gemstone symbol of good luck. And guess what? It can look like this! Here is a picture of Kate Hudson’s gemstone platform in her home with the largest crystal being a heart shaped rose quartz. 

YELLOW SAPPHIRE - Even professionally, few gemstones have been known to help build better connections, open doors and improve career luck. Have you ever seen people wearing a yellow sapphire? This one is most famous for career luck. 

AMETHYST - If you think that your home has too much of an aggressive energy or if you think like you need to calm down few notches, then this royal purple gemstone is for you. It’s instills a calm almost instantly for the wearer or where ever it is placed. 


BLACK JADE - I’ve often seen people of very high stature and fame carry a big black jade. Now that I study gemstones and their effects I know exactly why. Black jade if worn keeps negative energy at bay. It keeps negative thoughts, people or situations at bay. Ofcourse it can be worn by anyone, but those most benefited by it are public figures or very beautiful people. 

PEARLS - Pearls are great again to maintain a calm and cool disposition. It is also good for those who suffer high blood pressure or feel too hot. Exceptional for those experiencing hormonal imbalances. 

AQUAMARINE - If you travel a lot, this is your gemstone. If you are in a high stress job or environment, this is your gemstone. If you work in an environment where lots of deadlines need to be met, this is your gemstone. This little gem helps the wearer be calm and collected and yet focused and sharp. It helps achieve goals without being stressed. 

PERIDOT - I love this green gemstone. Nothing compares to an emerald, but this stone is my favorite after the peridot. It also helps the wearer if they have throat, neck or chest issues. Also helps if fighting any kind of addictions. Additionally, very lucky for forming good relationships. 

FLUORITE - I don’t recommend this gemstone for anything but stomach related issues like slow digestion, to overcome any malnutrition problems or for better nutritive strength from food. When I see fluorite I always connect its energy with a happier, calmer and stronger stomach. 

GREEN TOURMALINE - Money. Money. Money. Few know that the green tourmaline gemstone enhances the wearers luck tremendously in the good fortune department. Try it and find out for yourself. 


CITRINE - The list of cosmic and holistic benefits of citrine are so long I will need to write a book on it. I have found it to be most effective when placed in a home where the male member needs more happiness or more support. This is one rare gemstone where if placed on raw crystal form does not ever need any cleansing.

There are many aspects of our life that we can enhance by the sheer energy that gemstones emit. If you’re struggling in any area of life and want to improve it, reach out to Diya Dembla at diyavdembla@gmail.com, of Cosmic Gemstones who will read your natal chart and suggest the best gemstones for you.