Give the Gift of Exciting Experiences and Memories

Do you really need more face cream or another cushion for the couch as presents? Is your children’s toy box already overflowing with more games and Lego they can possibly ever play with? Is your husband going to groan as he unwraps his fifteenth pair of socks and tenth shaving kit? Well, have you thought of ditching the ‘stuff’ presents and buying an experience gift for your loved ones instead?

According to science, if you’re trying to buy happiness, it’s better to spend money on an experience than the latest iPhone. The novelty of a shiny new gadget or toy fades quicker than taking part in an exciting event that brings wonderful lifelong memories. So, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or ‘just because’ gift, check out our suggestions below for some awesome ‘experience gift’ ideas here in Singapore.

How about a membership for the kids or whole family to enjoy? Singapore boasts a huge number of exciting attractions that will always provide great entertainment, however many times you visit:


1. SINGAPORE ZOO FAMILY MEMBERSHIP– You can never tire of this amazing attraction for all ages. With the unpredictability of animal behaviour and the zoo’s regular upgrading, there is always something new to see or explore. Also, the children’s play area with water playground is a must visit every time! 

2. S.E.A. AQUARIUM MEMBERSHIP- This underwater paradise is a great excursion and the mesmerising huge Open Ocean tank never ceases to amaze, however many times you visit. Membership starts from $88 per adult and $68 per child (4-12 years) and privileges include priority entrance, complimentary access to the Typhoon Theatre, discounts on Ocean Dreams (Singapore’s coolest sleep-over venue!) and VIP Tours, plus one free ice-cream for the junior members from the S.E.A-side snacks per visit. If you buy a membership before 31st December 2017 you can enjoy 10% off and two $5 meal vouchers.

3. BOUNCE MEMBERSHIP- this place is heaven for most children and we all know that happy kids make happy parents! With you little darlings able to jump away their energies on the professional grade trampolines, play dodgeball and basketball, experience the amazing X-Park and leap of faith, it is one of Singapore’s best indoor adventure parks. 

4. BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS WITH GIFT-IT-FORWARD - This is a fabulous initiative and is the perfect gift for those who enjoy helping others. Send your birthday invite and the company set up an automated personal gift fund. One portion of the fund goes to charity of your choice and then the remaining money can go towards one group gift you wish to receive. It is a great idea for any member of the family and one which encourages social awareness and charity giving – for some at a very early age.


Want a joint gift to give to that special couple of fancy doing something special with your other half? Then check out these fab options:

5. SUNSET CRUISE - what is more romantic than an unforgettable voyage for just the two of you? Enjoy your own personal 4-hour luxury sailing experience on a chartered yacht. Sail to a nearby island and take a dip, go kayaking, snorkelling or fishing, or just enjoy each other’s company. You can also arrange for a BBQ or private picnic on-board. 

6. CLAY & POTTERY WORKSHOP –  For the creative couple, why not enjoy a ceramic 3.5-hour workshop where you can make your own personalised piece of ceramic pottery to take home. The session includes all materials and a tour of one of Singapore's last dragon kilns. Not only is it inspiring and fun, but you will take home your ceramic pottery as a happy keepsake and memory for years to come! Available as group or private sessions.  

7. PERSONALIZED PERFUME MAKING WORKSHOP – this is a fun 2-hr workshop where couples can create their own personalised scent. Combining both your personalities and favourite aromas, you can co-design an everyday perfume for you both to wear and remind yourselves of each other. You can bring wine with you too. 


Want to pamper that special lady in your life? Spoil her with a special surprise:

8. STYLIZED PICNIC FOR TWOWhisk your partner away for a few hours to her favourite place under the trees or stars and arrange a wonderful picnic for her. Just pick the location and then simply turn up to find the most gorgeously stylized picnic complete with gourmet food & beverages waiting for you.  You also get to relax as all the clearing away afterwards is done for you! 

9. PRIVATE HOME DINING - If your partner would prefer being in a comforting home environment enjoying freshly prepared gourmet food, why not give her the night off with a 3-course meal for two, prepared and hosted by celebrity chef, Sarab Kapoor. She will prepare sumptuous dishes in her stunning house that you and your better half will love. 

10. EXPLORE SINGAPORE TOUR – Discover more about the amazing Little Red Dot. This is perfect for those curious women out there who want to know more about Singapore's rich history and heritage. You can enjoy group tours or enjoy your own customised excursion for groups of any size including individuals. So, whatever your partner is interested in, you can arrange the perfect tour for her. 


Let’s not forget the men, they deserve some fun too!

11. MICHELIN STAR HAWKER CENTER TOUR – This fabulous tour gives you a real taste of Singapore’s legendary street food scene. Now being recognised in the infamous Michelin Guide, discover and try some of the best hawker food on the island. This is a fun and informative tour that will tantalise your partner’s taste buds. Also, you won’t need to queue for hours like other’s do, he will learn, experience and indulge, without the hassle. 

12. FLIGHT SIMULATOR – Let your partner’s inner pilot take flight on-board the state-of-the-art, professional flight simulators based on the Boeing 737-800. These simulators include high-fidelity, real-size cockpits with accurate and fully-functional aircraft controls, instrumentation and systems so your man will really believe he is a fully trained pilot! 

13. VIRTUAL REALITY ROOM – The future of entertainment is here and this is a great opportunity for your partner to immerse himself in amazing new worlds on another level. The experience allows participants to explore virtual realms they never thought possible and collaborate in teams to solve puzzles or defeat the enemy. You can purchase gift vouchers so he can play multiple game experiences with his friends or family.

14. EXPERIENCE GIFT CARD- With so many experiences to choose from, thinking of the perfect one can be hard. A great solution is a gift card so the recipient can choose which exciting adventure they would like to try. Check out the DateFyx Gift Voucher which can be used for any bespoke experience, as well as purchasing any of the listed experiences on the website. It is delivered either via email or sent in a beautifully gift pack and must be used within 6 months of purchase.

So, think outside the wrapped-up present box next time you have a gift to buy for that special person. What better way to celebrate or say thank you than by giving fun and wonderful memories that will last forever!

This blog is contributed by Peta Delahunty. Originally from the UK, she has lived in Singapore for the past 9 years with her family. She is a self-confessed word nerd and when not writing and being a mum, loves exploring Singapore's fabulous food scene and enjoying its vibrant attractions.

DateFyx Diaries - Date Night on the Yacht

Our featured couple, Amber & Peter, are avid travelers and proud parents of their beautiful twin daughters - Leia and Lauren, who are Instagram celebrities themselves. Amber & Peter lay out some serious relationship goals for all the couples out there. They engage each other in their own little projects of documenting their travels and the days spent with their beautiful twins. We invited them for our yacht cruise, which is perfect for couples looking for a little break for themselves. We are extremely proud of our yacht charter experience. You sail away from Sentosa for about 20 minutes, anchor near the Lazarus Island. You could swim, kayak, snorkel, fish or just watch the sun go down. You could also explore the tropical island on foot. The crew puts together the most delectable BBQ spread for your indulgence, after your water activities. You do feel a little spoilt by the end of the 4-hour cruise and wish it wouldn't end.

You could book your own private yacht cruise here for a celebrity style date night! Enquire for overnight trips as well. 

"Our evening was fantastic. Was really relaxing. Good food, good ambiance, good aircon, good experience, just fantastic! The experience of both, sea and land was very special and having a nice meal on board just added to it. Not to forget the absolutely amazing kayaking experience.

DateFyx is a great concept for parents who need a break and don't have time to plan something. And for husbands who tend to forget anniversaries, and need help last minute to plan something special. Also not everyone is gifted to do this kind of detailed planning. Takes the stress element away when everything is planned so nicely. The couple just have to show up and enjoy the evening.   

We'd definitely like to experience other DateFyx themes as well. A picnic in the garden is in our cards for the next time we have a special occasion. Thank you DateFyx!"  - Amber & Peter

Also see DateFyx Diaries - Stylized Picnics in the Tropical Gardens.

Photography by ShawnMX. All images are copyright DateFyx. 

DateFyx Diaries - Couple of the Month

Our couple of the month, Joyce & Donovan, are the winners of our Facebook and Instagram contest for the 'stylized picnic and photo shoot' giveaway. 

Book your own stylized picnic here. And add a couple photography session to it for magical memories! 

The couple were Facebook friends for 3 years before they even met. They finally met, sparks flew and they started dating in 2014.  They decided on getting hitched and are really looking forward to their wedding in June 2018. They love exploring Singapore with their little dog and you will see their Instagram feed updated every weekend with their adventures. 

They are a photographer's delight and we had so much fun setting up the picnic for them. Here are some pictures of their fun and sparkly photoshoot. We also asked them a few questions to know them better.

"It was a very special experience for us. Both of us enjoyed the evening very much. Was just so romantic and the food was delicious too. The set-up felt amazing with very detailed execution. We will definitely recommend this to our friends, who are planning proposals or celebrating anniversaries."  - Joyce & Donovan


1. Any non-work thing that you are most excited about right now?

We are really excited about our upcoming wedding day!

2. The coolest thing that you have done together?

The coolest thing we have done together was to bring our dog for a holiday earlier this year for an Europe trip. It's just so much fun travelling together. Just the 3 of us enjoying each other's company.

3. Three things at the top of your bucket list?

To fly in a hot-air balloon in Cappadocia, have our own home and to open a café.

4. Top 3 favorite date night spots from any city that you have visited before?

Catch the sunset at Macritchie reservoir in Singapore, go for Duck & Waffle Restaurant in London, stay in the glass igloo in Finland and watch northern lights.

5. A TV show/series you both love to watch?

The Walking Dead is our new favourite!

6. What does Date Night at home look like?

Donovan will cook for me while i will bake for him and we will watch a movie together while having our meal.

7. Which celebrity couple do you look up to and would love to go on a double date with?

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan.

8. The best relationship advice you've been given or you would like to give?

A strong relationship is one where both partners will find a solution to a problem together, even if one does not agree with the problem.

9. Lastly, what would you like to do for your next special occasion?

We would love a night safari experience together.

Thank you Joyce & Donovan for letting us in on your 'couple time'. All the best for your wedding! 

11 Gifting Ideas for Milestone Anniversaries

We realized the months of November & December are full of wedding anniversaries of friends and extended family. Here’s some traditionally-themed inspiration for an anniversary gift to celebrate with your spouse or to gift your favorite couple. These come in handy, whether it’s the first anniversary or 50th. And we also have a little guide to help you pair material gifts with experiences for each of these themes. If you haven’t noticed, we are big fans of enriching, engaging, relaxing experiences. Science backs it up that experiential gifts are most satisfying in the long term and we totally believe in sharing those priceless moments with our loved ones!

Enquire for our Gift Cards for each of these experiences. Also, if you want your partner to plan instead, simply drop-a-hint right here.  

The Early Years: Mad About Each Other… Passion Prevails

1st year: PAPER
Gift suggestions: A book, photo album to last all the beautiful years ahead. Couple this with our 1-hour Couple Photography session for timeless memories.  

2nd year: COTTON
Gift suggestions: Cotton or Linen shorts/sun dress with a day well spent yachting to an island. The private yacht charter includes fishing gear, kayaks and snorkels, for an adventure-filled and memorable cotton anniversary!

3rd year: LEATHER
Gift suggestions: Matching leather jackets or accessories. Couple this with a Date Night experience that’s all about staying comfortable in your own skin. Indulge in a pampering massage, private yoga session or acroyoga. Our friendly yoga and acroyoga instructors could hold this session within the comfort of your home, their own studio or out in the beautiful gardens.

Gift suggestion: Associate each other with a special fruity or flowery fragrance on your 4th anniversary. Design a bespoke perfume in our perfume-making workshop, mixing and matching any of the 300+ scented oils. You get to carry home your signature perfume in a glass bottle with your name etched on it.

5th year: WOOD
Gift suggestions: Explore the tropical forests on a short 30-minute hike through the woods with the most spectacular view at the finishing point. Have a picnic at the finishing point with our hand-picked healthy snacks, drinks and hiking essentials, delivered to you in a backpack.  

Double Digits: Made for Each Other… Companionship

10th year: ALUMINIUM
Gift suggestion: The 10th one calls for a very special celebration. So, we are going to get a little creative here. Ditch the aluminum pots, pans, picture frames. Go for large aluminum foil balloons taking the center stage on a very romantic stylized picnic or a party with all your near and dear ones. The romantic stylized picnic is a complete stunner with the beautiful set-up in the gardens, gourmet food, drinks, great views of the Singapore skyline and ofcourse, your partner right beside you.   

15th year: CRYSTAL
Gift suggestions: Swarovski crystals never disappoint. But, if you are looking for something  experiential to etch the memories, go for a psychic reading with a crystal ball or tarot cards. Our tarot card reader helps you understand each other’s signature profile for a deeper connect and helps answer any of your questions, all in a fun way.  

20th year: CHINA
Gift suggestion: Custom-make your own china ware, with a clay workshop that walks you through Singapore’s oldest dragon kiln. Connect with each other’s creative sides while you design a pair of serving bowls or coffee mugs to make your China anniversary special.

25th year: SILVER
Gift suggestions: Silver jewelry all over the malls and specialty stores in Singapore is just beautiful. But, if you are looking for something as special as your relationship, this silver jewelry making workshop is perfect for you. Be it a ring or a pendant, you could craft it together, hone your skills and make it memorable.

We Made it… Serious Milestones!!!

50th year: GOLD
Gift suggestion: Wow! These are serious milestones. Pair a beautiful gold accessory with a sailing experience into the Golden Sunset watching the Singapore skyline light up, while you enjoy your dinner with live entertainment aboard the Royal Albatross Tall Ship.

60th year: DIAMOND
Gift suggestion: You guys made it to the diamond anniversary! Gift a sparkling diamond jewelry or accessory under the stars, in a romantic stylized picnic with hundreds of fairy lights, overlooking the dazzling Singapore skyline.

Anniversaries surely call out for celebration and make sure you keep raising the bar each time!

12 Late-Night Dates For The Outdoorsy Couple


In Singapore’s balmy weather, if you and your partner love being outdoors then there are plenty of date night experiences to enjoy under the stars. Your options don’t just focus on alfresco dining but some fab, creative ideas, however crazy you want to get!

1. STARGAZING – grab a blanket and a bottle of wine and head to your favourite grassy spot in Singapore. Relax, chat and enjoy the twinkling stars above. Changi point and West Coast park are popular places or, alternatively, head to the Omni theatre at the Science Centre for a proper exploration of the night skies. Open until 10pm each night. 

2. BAY SOUTH OUTDOOR GARDENS – breathe in the night air, stroll under the amazing canopy and explore the stunning gardens. You can enjoy light audio shows at the Supertree Grove nightly at 7.45pm and 8.45pm. Alternatively, with it being open daily from 5am – 2am, you can wander hand in hand in the iconic gardens at a quieter and cooler time in the evening. Admission is free. 

3. NIGHT WALK – if you want to escape to a more secluded walking spot, then there are lots of other options. Lust after the beautiful boats at the Marina with a wander around Keppel Bay or walk along the highest pedestrian bridge for some great views along the Henderson Wave. Alternatively, the Woodlands Waterfront provides a very romantic backdrop with the longest jetty in Singapore.

4. BIKE RIDE – fancy getting a little more active, then grab your bike and take in a night cycle along one of the city’s many routes – or create your own one that takes you to your favourite spots around town. No bike of your own? No problem, download the oBike app and grab one of their many free bikes country wide. 

5. KITE FLYING – thought this was only a daytime activity? Well, head to Marina Barrage and discover the fun of night time kite flying on its sprawling rooftop greenery. Avoiding the glare of the daytime sun and indulge in a cool childhood activity. Worried you won’t see your kite, then buy an LED night kite and give yourself a free light show too! 

6. REVERSE BUNGY – ok, not everyone’s idea of fun but thrill seekers will get the adrenaline pumping as they reach speeds of up to 200km/hr on the GMax Reverse Bungy! If your other half is a little shaken by it, it’s a great excuse for a caring kiss and cuddle afterwards! Situated in Clarke Quay, you could then enjoy a stroll and a relaxing outdoor drink to get the heart rate back to normal. 

7. PRAWNING – this is a fun way to spend time together. While away a few hours chatting, and enjoying some refreshments whilst you hook some tasty prawns. With BBQs also on hand, you can even cook your catch and compare who caught the most! There are various prawning places across Singapore including: Hai Bin Prawning and ORTO

8. SURF'S UP! – head to the Wave House at Sentosa and enjoy some sporting action with your partner. Whether a seasoned surfer dude or your first attempt at the sport, you will love this ultimate beach hangout with continuous surf! Open until 9.30pm, you have plenty of evening time to experience ‘The FlowBarrel®’ – a fully-flowing, curling and barreling sheet wave that can recreate a roaring, 10-foot wave! With good food and drinks also on offer, this is a great evening spot. 

9. KAYAKING – another fun outdoor activity is kayaking, with a professional guide and safety boat. Get back to nature and head to the Living Fisher Village at Pulau Ubin. Enjoy the sunset as you adventure kayak along the peaceful river and sea front of Pulau Ubin and Pulau Ketam. This is a truly unique experience under the stars away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

10. ENTERTAINMENT IN THE PARK– The Singapore Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning Park regularly hold concerts, movie screenings and performances under the stars. You can take your own picnic, sit back in the open air and soak up some culture. With a varied choice of shows held throughout the year, there will definitely be something that you both enjoy. There is also the opportunity to double date, if you fancy. 

11. NIGHT SAFARI – Singapore’s iconic zoo is not just a daytime activity. With fire shows, restaurants, night treks and safari tours, it is fun way to spend an evening and learn about wildlife after dark. 

12. VISIT A ROOFTOP BAR - if all you both want to do is sit back, sip a cooling cocktail and enjoy some wonderful outdoor views, then checkout one of the many rooftop bars across the city including: Smoke and Mirrors, The Screening Room, Loof Bar, 1-Altitude, Lantern Bar, Potato Head FolkSouthbridge and Kinki.

So, don’t let the sun go down on the romance if you love being outdoors. There is so much fun to be had!

This blog is contributed by Peta Delahunty. Originally from the UK, she has lived in Singapore for the past 9 years with her family. She is a self-confessed word nerd and when not writing and being a mum, loves exploring Singapore's fabulous food scene and enjoying its vibrant attractions.

9 Coolest Staycations in Singapore...


Fancy a stress-free break with your loved one which does not involve flight delays, long car journeys or a bumpy boat ride? With just over 400 hotels to choose from in the little red dot, a staycation is a great way to escape for some rest, relaxation and a good sprinkling of romance!

Knowing it is a hard decision to pick where to stay, we have compiled a list for you of the coolest staycations in Singapore. To cater for all levels of budget and seduction, we have three categories to choose from. So, whether it is a modest night away, something a little flashier or burning that credit card, here are some great options to get the sexy back!


Lloyds Inn

For a touch of nature only a stone’s throw away from the great shops and eateries along Orchard Road, check out this little gem. Complete with dipping pool, roof terrace and eight different types of rooms with wifi, it will be your bolt hole in the orchard precinct. Shop, party, spa and eat nearby and then collapse together in this funky retreat. There is not a restaurant here but with so many places to dine nearby, you can check out the latest chic dining options in the area. Also, with a restriction for only over 21 year olds, you won’t be stepping over any little darlings during your stay! With rooms priced around $160++ per night it is great option for a central staycation.

If you prefer shophouse style accommodation, then the stylish, modern Porcelain hotel with its oriental elegance is a great choice. Steeped in history, this 138-room Chinatown guest house even has a spa and two gardens for you to relax. And with rooms from $100++ a night for a basic queen and $200++ for its themed suite or jacuzzi suite, you will be spending more on lavishing your partner with love than burning a hole in your pocket!

Fancy dinner and then a short stumble to bed? Then this is perfect. Enjoy a sumptuous meal in the fabulous, hipster restaurant and then climb the stairs to one of their four soundproofed rooms for an undisturbed night. This is situated in a converted shop house in the gentrified area of Joo Chiat. Each room is a stylish space with freestanding bathtubs, with one enjoying its own private terrace. From $79++ a night, this is a quirky and fun place to stay.

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:

If being in the thick of the city is not your perfect location, then get back to nature in these gorgeous villas and immerse yourself in their tranquillity. The villas are designed after black and white colonial houses and because there are only a limited number of them, you will not be disturbed by other guests. Grab a bike, take a farm tour, have a dip in the pool, play some tennis or check out the putting green, if you want to be active. Then enjoy a sumptuous meal

at the French bistro with fine, fresh ingredients. This is a picturesque sanctuary that will make you feel a million miles away from the craziness of the urban city.

Villas are from $280++ a night and includes access to all the facilities, a 10% voucher for the bistro and a wellness breakfast for two.

Ok, camping does not instantly conjure up seduction but when you are staying in a world class bell tent fitted with the trimmings of a luxury hotel, things suddenly start to hot up! With premium linens, down feather pillows, soft rugs, floor cushions, fairy lights and Samsung wireless speakers, it is a million miles from a wet sleeping bag and hard floor. Order the ‘Romantic Fleur’ package which includes a themed picnic set for two, rose petals, flower arrangements, cut glass crystal glasses and tea cups and additional fairy lights and, hey presto, suddenly a magical night is achieved! Stays start at $200++ per night, so why not enjoy a fabulous evening under the stars with mother nature providing the backdrop to love.

This converted warehouse, built in 1895, is set right on the river at Robertson Quay. Once part of the Straits of Malacca trade route, now is one of the coolest boutique hotels in town! With rooms boasting Bang and Olufsen bluetooth speakers, custom mattresses, 100% eco-certified Ashley & Co bath amenities and a full stocked mini bar you won’t want to leave! If you do, you can relax by the hotel’s infinity pool; or check out the bar that serves uber cool cocktails made by their very competent bartenders. Also, being right on the river you can enjoy one of the many funky restaurants and bars all within stumbling distance. Rooms are from $250++ per night.



The Scarlet Singapore

This decadent little gem oozes style and romance. Designed with sumptuous furnishings and rich textures and complete with chandeliers, freestanding bathtubs and luxury linens, this hotel is sure to turn the heat up for lovers. With its most expensive suite named Passion, this hotel was built for a sexy night away. Positioned on club street, it is in the heart of the fun too. Room prices do vary, but for that special occasion try the ‘Scarlet Fling’ package which includes limo pick-up, a bottle of bubbles, a night in a decadent suite and your choice of a naughty or nice tease for additional fun! This package is from $568++ a night. There are cheaper room options available.

You can’t have a staycation list and not include Sentosa and what better than a hotel that states that it is ‘the most Bali-esque hotel in Singapore’! So why not transport yourself to Bali without the travel? The Sofitel is a tranquil escape amongst lush greenery and topical serenity of the island. Luxuriate in the expansive spa complete with mud baths and float pool with a waterfall. Enjoy movie screenings by the pool on a Friday and Saturday day whilst sampling tapas, eating popcorn and cooling down with some soft drinks. There are gorgeous tropical gardens complete with peacocks and the beach if you prefer to feel the sand between your toes. If you want to be active there is also complimentary bike usage and tennis courts and all the entertainment of Resorts World on your doorstep. You can also enjoy the cool vibe of Tanjong Beach club which is nearby. With rooms including little luxuries such as fluffy carpets, coffee pods and Lanvin toiletries, let the wonders of Bali come to you! Their private villas come with a private pool and Hermes amenities. Prices are from $328++ a night for a standard room.

Also on Sentosa, this boutique hotel is a fabulous place for discerning lovebirds wanting a luxury haven. Stay in a one-bedroom villa and pop the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door. With your own private plunge pool, living room, alfresco dining area (with retractable canopy) and outdoor stonebath, there is no reason to leave your gorgeous love nest at all! Prices are from $800 a night for a one-bedroom villa.

This blog is contributed by Peta Delahunty. Originally from the UK, she has lived in Singapore for the past 9 years with her family. She is a self-confessed word nerd and when not writing and being a mum, loves exploring Singapore's fabulous food scene and enjoying its vibrant attractions.

33 Magical Date Ideas for A Romantic Date Night in Singapore | Datefyx

Date Night in Singapore.jpg

Thinking of a romantic date night in Singapore? We all agree that a frequent date night is essential – not only to rekindle our love, but also to stay connected to your partner. Try to shake things up a bit?

I have carefully listed some tips for a successful date night in Singapore.

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- Decoding Date Night Planning - Five Elements

1. Watch A Romantic Movie

Spice-up your relationship with something less conventional, like choosing an outdoor movie night or dine-and-watch rather than a normal cinema. Take along a picnic mat, picnic basket, find yourself a nice spot and snuggle up for romantic movie date with a difference.

2. Hire a private chef

In the age of wonderful domestic help, this could seem like a misnomer, however you can book a private chef who will arrange an intimate feast that will stir a romantic atmosphere and seal the deal on a special date night. 

3. Dine in the dark – Date Night in Singapore

Skip the normal family dining for just tonight. Elevate your senses with a romantic dinner at night time. You can visit places such as Nox-Dine in The Dark. Enjoy top-notch food and a fantastic date night setting.

4. Take a Quizzical

Quiz nights may not seem romantic on the surface, but it factors high when it comes to fun. And having a great time together IS amazing.

 5. Enjoy Live Music and Dance to the Rhyme

Live music is great. You may feel a little tired to get out after dark, when all you want to do is cuddle on the sofa. But watching live music with your spouse happens to be a better way to relax. So next time you wish to retreat with your iPad and watch Netflix, find a concert instead. And Singapore’s Timbre and Blu Jaz Cafe always has some great live music to tune into.

6. Have a good laugh Together– Singapore Comedy Night

The demands of maintaining a family can occasionally turn domestic bliss into a war zone, and laughter holds the power to transform a bad day into a good laugh. Take a look at some of Singapore’s best local and international stand-up comedy acts. Check out the open-mic night at Comedy Masala every Tuesday night at 8pm. Also check out other comedy clubs.  

7. Start up a sport together

This is any activity that involves two people working collectively, such as sailing, kayaking, or rock climbing. This can bring out the best in both partners (and even the worst if both partners are too competitive!). There are many Olympic sports found in Singapore, so choose one that you love.

8. Sail off into the sunset

It’s a romantic cliché, but it still works, have you ever cruised around our amazing city before? May be rent a yacht from one of the yachting companies for a day or even overnight. If the price tag is above your budget, buy tickets for the Sunset Sail, with a dinner cruise, live music and some other couples onboard.

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9. Date Night in Singapore in a Five Spa Experience

This amazing spa experience is by Ikeda Spa a Japanese Inspired Spa. It gives you the opportunity to control and customize your own package, from body treatments to facials using nightingale droppings.

10. Try Star gazing

I believe every couple should try star gazing. This happens every Friday from 7:45 to 10pm. You can get free star gazing sessions at the Science Centre Singapore.

11. Spice Up Your Date Nights

Still visiting your favorite cafe. Give your partner a treat by changing your regular cafe to a place different from the usual. You can find such hidden gems in places like Little India or Geylang.

12. Enjoy Outdoor Jazz - get Jazzy Date Night

Experience the sound of outdoor jazz. Singapore boost of several Jaz Cafe such places are the Blu Jaz Cafe - Move to sound and dance the night away.

13. Staycation Lovers Night out

Thinking of something romantic but out of the box? Then Singapore has your best destination. Then a night out staycation with your partner. Enjoy the moments, ambience and exquisite treatment.

14. Kite-Flying for Two

Say farewell to old ways of kite flying, as you let your kites fly in the breezy night sky. No sun burns.  It’s really fun when you relive your childhood days and experience tranquility. Also, treat yourself to a bedazzling view of the metropolis skyline - if you choose to fly your kites at Marina Barrage.

15. Night cycling Under the Stars

Bicycling at night is an amazing way to work those legs under starry skies with your partner. You will feel the cool breeze brush across your faces. Besides that, you will escape the blistering sun. Don’t stress, if you don’t own a bike, plenty of bike-sharing opportunities now. Just download the apps beforehand.  

16. Go Camping

When it comes to dating in Singapore, three’s certainly a crowd - hang out with your best friend another time! Don’t sulk. Outdoor camping with your spouse will be incredible if it’s planned! I’d be thrilled if my date carried me out on a little escapade outdoors, off from boring concrete buildings.

17. Stroll down the boardwalk at the Marina at Keppel Bay

Indeed you’ll be in love with the breathtaking scene. Just looking at the Marina at Keppel Bay on screen. Shower your sweetheart with an ultra-exotic date night in Singapore at this deluxe waterfront area.

18. Visit the Woodlands Waterfront

Absorb the stunning beautiful view of the coastal park and the Straits of Johor while you walk down the longest jetty in Singapore.

19. Henderson Waves

Take pleasure in a moonlit stroll across Singapore’s largest pedestrian bridge. Its distinctive design gives an unimpeded view of the southern part of Singapore while the shell-like crevices double as shelters. The bridge is lit by LED lighting from 7pm to 2am every night.

20. Experience the Bungy and GX-5 Extreme Swing

Looking for a thrill? Try the exciting rides at Clarke Quay designed to leave you on a high with your hearts pulsating. Hang on tight to your date’s arms - the reverse bungee’s velocity gets to a terrifying maximum of 200km/h!

21. Go away on Cosmic Bowling

Go glow-in-the-dark bowling! Cosmic Bowling marries bowling and discotheque lighting with thumping dance party melodies. Which is certain to get you grooving along.

22. Take a Joyride

Jump aboard your car and discover places that you haven’t been to. Just make sure your GPS is switched on.

23. Take it Outdoors

We are lucky to have so many wonderful gardens and parks right in our backyard, whichever part of Singapore you live in. Fresh air is the ideal medicine for the mind and soul. Take your date night outdoors. Come prepared with your picnic mat, something to munch on and a mozzie spray. Some of the gardens and parks are open all night and this is a great alternative date night idea.

See also: Glamorous Picnics Right Here in Singapore!

24. Midnight Movies

Midnight films work best for nocturnal movie buffs. You can virtually have the whole theatre to the two of you. Tip: To guarantee emptier theatres, watch films months after their release.

25. Go Prawning

Go Prawning with your date any time of the night, at some of the 24-hour prawn-fishing establishments. Also called colloquially as prawning.

26. Go on a Pub Crawl

No article on date night in Singapore will be complete without mentioning a visit to a pub. In fact, Singapore’s nightlife is well known in Asia.

27. Stuff Yourselves Silly

In case you fall under the health-conscious camp that advocates greens and everything low-calorie, it’s unwise to refuse a dinner date with your partner. What could be worse than depriving yourself nice food and good company.

28. Plan Game Night

Games are not limited to the young. Bring on Twister, Scrabble, Monopoly, Aero plane Chess, and Jenga! The choices are endless. You may want to stock up on potato chips and ice-cream as you battle it out with your lover.

29. Movie Marathon - With a Bowl of Microwaveable Popcorn

Snuggle up with each other under warm sheets whilst enjoying your favorite action or rom-com flicks. Sci-fi or horror will work too.

30. Learn to Dance

If you’re accustomed to each other and you don’t mind being teased being dreadful at conjuring some "slick" moves, it is fun to dance ridiculous and laugh at each other. In fact, we know all of us have different talents and yours may lie elsewhere outside the dance floor! YouTube "*name of song* + moves".

31. Fix a 1000-piece Jigsaw

One night is inadequate to complete the puzzle. Since no one is permitted to stop before it’s finished, psyche yourself up for a few more late night dates! This is an Ideal opportunity to get him to come over to your home.

32. Midnight Swim

With the weather very unstable these days, it’ll do everybody good to swim or even frolic in the cool waters. For individuals that live in a condominium or landed property with a personal pool, good for you and your date!

However, this can still be possible if you and your date are on a staycation at W Hotel or Marina Mandarin Singapore. The pools there are open 24-hours.

33. Embark on a Late-Night Date

Use these ideas we’ve put together to suit your needs, we hope you find them beneficial. Even if you’re hopelessly in love or just true blue nocturnal, it’s time you attempt date night in Singapore.  

It is quieter and cooler. It won’t hurt to try something different for a change.

Glamping, Time Travel and Soaking in Nature…


My husband and I visited exotic Mongolia for the first time in February, 2009. It was just for a couple of days as a stop, while on our legendary Trans-Mongolian backpacking trip. As soon as we drove out of the city limits of Ulaanbaatar, we were in love with the white landscape, the rocky outcrops, the winter (extreme) chill and then, our beautifully furnished cozy ger in the camp.  Even though I was in complete awe of the expanse of the white landscape, I knew I had to come back in the summer to see the green meadows in full bloom.   

Two years later, in 2011, when we were expecting our first-born, we watched Babies, a French documentary that follows four newborns through their first year after birth. Two of the babies featured are from urban areas of Tokyo and San Francisco, and the other two are from rural areas of Namibia and Mongolia. Totally fell in love with what life for a baby in Mongolia looked like – completely immersed in nature. For some reason, that movie made me want to go back to Mongolia with the baby in tow.

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:

Finally, we got an opportunity to travel to Mongolia with both our kids, aged 6 and 3, in September 2017. If you have been guilty of not spending uninterrupted time with the family, this is perfect. Same goes for couples. If you see yourself not spending enough time with each other, I recommend Mongolia for all the catching up and for these top six reasons:


Yes, being off the grid made it to the top of my list. Both, my husband and I, had a lot going on at the work front. And suddenly, we were completely off all of it. If you need a digital detox, head to Mongolia, instead of the fancy retreats anywhere else. It’s tried-and-tested for people suffering from self-induced insomnia when you just can’t let go off the device in your hand, even to catch up on sleep. And guess what? Few days of being completely off the grid did not make the sky fall! 


Mongolia River rafting

Our camp was three-hours north of Ulaanbaatar, at Jalman Meadows, set in a beautiful pasture, right next to the Tuul River. It’s a part of the Khan Khentii protected area, that stretches all the way up to the Russian-Siberian frontier. You see the lush meadows disappearing into thick forests, at a far distance. I kept drawing parallels to Kashmir that I remember from almost 25 years ago. Gulmarg, Pehelgaun and so many of our weekend picnic places in Kashmir looked a lot like this, with clear streams flowing through, wild flowers and berries just sprouting from the meadows.

We were so fortunate to hike through the meadows and tree clusters for our river rafting experience. We knew it’s a routine activity for the camp, but it seemed like no one’s been here before. Thanks to their – ‘leave no trace’ policy. Surely, there’s cattle, yaks and all the livestock, that has visited and left their environment-friendly traces. Rafting on the Tuul river was a surreal experience. Absolutely gorgeous and nature in all its beauty - glistening water, some dried trees fallen in the river, a nice sunny day, the breeze, us with our two little boys in the middle of the raft, all so scenic and perfect. All we wanted to do was to soak it all in and to live in the moment.


Image Courtesy: Freestate Productions.

Image Courtesy: Freestate Productions.

We had a special visit arranged to the nomadic family that stays close to the camp in their own ger, with their livestock. This family provides all the milk to the camp. Didn’t realize how fresh that milk was, until we were back in Singapore, sipping away the milk that we get in cans. The lady of the house actually milked the cow right there infront of us, the camp staff carried it back to the camp and they prepared the milk products - yoghurt, cheese and cream, and served it for the next day’s breakfast. That is as fresh and natural as it gets. There are no chemicals, no pesticides, nothing involved. Hard to expect that in our urban world.


Love this concept - ‘Glamping’ or ‘Glamorous Camping’. Perfect for those who are adventurous enough to get off the beaten path, but also spoilt enough to want clean linen, restaurant food, basic furniture and a shower. I would totally come under this category. At the Jalan Meadows camp or ‘glamp’, they had separate gers for restaurant, kitchen, library, retail store, spa, and communal, yet luxuriously appointed showers. The inside of the gers are mostly authentic with similar fixtures and furniture, used by the nomads as well.

There are glamping opportunities in many locations across the globe, but Mongolia is unique as this is the way of life there. You are simply experiencing the nomadic life first hand, sprinkled with a few conveniences. The campfire at the end of the day, amazing star gazing opportunity, horse riding and meeting other travelers, totally adds to this experience.


This one’s for all the whiners. All the conveniences that urbanism brings to us is mostly taken for granted and we complain about the city life all the time. There’s traffic, there’s pollution, there’s crime, competition is fierce, rents are crazy, it’s a rat race, chemicals and pesticides in our oh-so-expensive food and so on. This is the price we pay for all the modern-day technology and conveniences that city life brings to us.

There in our ger, we had just one small light fixture, that ran on solar cells and a sink with trickles of freezing water. There were also no power outlets in the ger to charge the devices. We stopped caring about the animal waste that was all over the place, which we would otherwise make a big deal of, in our cities. After a few days, we didn’t miss all the little comforts that much, but did come back and appreciate what we got here.  


While we witnessed the launch of iPhone X this month, out there, in the Khan Khentii, time stands still. During our trip, there was an instance when a nomadic horse rider rode past us in his traditional Mongolian attire and we felt that we had time traveled to centuries ago. Nothing may have changed for the nomads for generations. They are still working on their livestock, moving around with their GERs, life untouched by technology, not to mention the -30 degrees temperature during winter. Life in nomadic Mongolia is surely not easy, but it’s simple. It’s a completely different world. 

While mankind is dreaming of populating Mars, may Mongolia remain the untouched haven that it is.

With the camp staff and the crew of Freestate Productions. 

With the camp staff and the crew of Freestate Productions. 

Ever since 2009, wanted to go back to Mongolia just one more time, but instead came back craving for more of it. This back-to-basics lifestyle and escapism is surely addictive!