We have single-handedly taken up the challenge of encouraging more and more couples to go on date nights and in a way, give relationships a fair chance.  

Introduction to Meenakshi Sharma



Meenakshi is an architect by profession and was designing luxury resorts in the most exotic of locations, until she founded DateFyx in December of 2016.  What started as an idea while she was on one of her own DateFyx nights evolved quickly into something she enjoyed doing, as she helped a couple of friends & colleagues plan their date night. Having two young kids of her own, she finds DateFyx nights with her equally enthusiastic husband a great burn-out recovery plan. And, what's not to like about trying new food, catching up on a movie, getting a foot massage... all while bonding with your spouse.  With her background designing luxury resorts and being an avid traveler herself, she is your go-to person for the finest experiences in town and beyond...  

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